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Our focus is on you...

Hieroglyphics is a proven and trusted brand with a heritage dating back to 1816, when our printing division, now acknowledged as the longest serving printing company in the City of London, was formed.

The industry has changed dramatically since then as have we, with design, marketing, managed print solutions and the revolutionary Virtual Print Room now being additional key services that we provide to our clients, whether they are a small local business or an international blue chip.

Our success over the years has been based on a reputation for “Service Excellence”. Our brand centric approach guarantees to provide the highest quality product whilst delivering unrivalled standards of service, both tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and delivered at a competitive price.

Our customers all have the same thing in common … the knowledge that their projects could not be in better hands.


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Design and marketing

When it comes to building an image today, thinking outside the box is often the route to take. Your visual reference may need to be planetary in scope if the world is your market and, of course, competition is everywhere.

With more and more brands using an increasingly wide range of media to grab their customers’ attention, standing out from the crowd today is an art in itself.

Using innovative techniques our design team can develop original and pertinent communications that continually create optimum impact with your target audience and often at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Whether you want to market your business to potential clients or simply want to promote your services more effectively to your existing client base, Hieroglyphics will ensure that your generic templates convert in to personalised communications, to include key messages, tailored to a particular business or even a specific individual.

There’s nothing worse than receiving a generic letter designed for the masses … apart from sending one.

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Web development

We love to work hard on all things digital. Our success is not only due to the quality of our work but is also down to our attitude, approach and the way we treat our clients.

We believe there are two ways of seeing things – the way you see them and the way you wish for them to be seen. Any website that is to become successful as a sales or marketing tool for your business or organisation needs to be intuitive and easy to use for first-time and repeat visitors.

Hieroglyphics focus on responsive web design, which means that our websites look great and work perfectly on desktop computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

Making your website do more for your business by attracting visitors and driving conversions is key. The most worthwhile way forward to enhance the SEO of your site is through social bookmarking, articles, press and other web contents. We recommend a regularly updated blog should be an integral part of the main website as it enables content such as photos and uniquely relevant text to contribute successfully to website ranking.


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Print production

Hieroglyphics remains a benchmark in print, creating standards (and colours) that few printing companies can match .

Whilst our lithographic four colour presses remain a yardstick for quality, our Heidelberg CTP ten colour press far exceeds the capability of standard CMYK, producing brand critical print of the highest quality and ensuring your corporate colours are never compromised.

Our digital printing production is the ideal solution for print-on-demand, whatever you demand. If you require a single copy of a professionally bound proposal or several thousand personalised flyers, the same day, Hieroglyphics can deliver you just that.

Our finishing department boasts booklet making, lamination, UV varnishing, die cutting, drilling and wire binding along with other more specialised effects, to ensure we always deliver a first class finished product.

Whilst the majority of our clients’ requirements are produced in-house from end-to-end by our expert machine minders, some have come to rely on our ability to source non-core services from specialist partners to deliver a seamless print solution with our own reputation for “Service Excellence” written all over it.

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By assessing your in-house production using proven methodology and through dutiful management of your external print requirements, we guarantee to deliver a greener print.

As a manufacturer, we are obligated to minimise our impact upon the environment. We focus on producing and supplying environmentally-friendly products, by using vegetable based inks, recycling all re-usable waste and sourcing paper supplies that are FSC and PEFC accredited.

By auditing your internal document workflow, Hieroglyphics will advise you how to best improve efficiency, reduce power consumption, CO2 emissions and paper usage with the by-product being a reduction in your carbon footprint and equally important costs.

Together, we have an opportunity to make your print as environmentally friendly as possible … let’s not waste it.


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Stock management

In the absence of a dedicated management system, many businesses will continue to over order print, replenish already stocked products and allow critical items to deplete.

Hieroglyphics can manage all of your stock off site – but not off the radar – in a secure, clean, climate controlled environment; giving you immediate access to all your printed materials and freeing up expensive internal floor space.

We will implement processes that ensure you never run out of an important item but also prevent excess stock levels. You will have 24/7 access to your own personalised website, giving you the ability to call off product, run real time stock and usage reports and even create or amend artwork before sending to print, at a time and place that suits you.

Using “just in time” logistics you will receive exactly what you want precisely when and where you need it, be it a single copy of a brochure to a satellite office or a direct mail campaign to your entire client database.

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Print damagement

Unfortunately, the modern day “Print Management” organisation is little different to the print farming and broking companies of yesteryear. They will have no consideration for your internal print capability and invariably own no print plant of their own.

As a consequence, all of your print requirements will be sold on to whoever quotes the cheapest price and ultimately re-sold back to you at the highest profit.

In order to achieve additional margin, these middle men will typically store your print in the cheapest possible location, rarely in close proximity to your business or your requirement and with little regard for the conditions within which it is stored.

Ironically, “Print Management” has become the epitome of the very culture it was intended to eradicate.


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In an area of business where 5% to 15% of annual revenues are typically spent, most companies are unaware of their inefficiency and potential to make significant savings. With in-house production and document workflow costs often too fragmented to be quantified and with external print procurement requiring a high level of expertise, it’s almost impossible to know where to begin, until now. . .

Hieroglyphics has teamed up with the world’s leading document strategists, to create a blend of consultancy and auditing services guaranteed to increase productivity, cost efficiency and accountability in this critical area of business.

Our Audit Reports will reveal, for the first time, your organisations true exposure to document costs – by department, by user, by day, by week, per page, per document, by technology type and in TOTAL.

Moreover, we will highlight your potential efficiency gains, map optimum asset utilisation to your floor plans, advise of future “Best Practice” and suggest alternative technologies or outsourced solutions where appropriate.

Ultimately, our reports are guaranteed to highlight significant cost saving opportunities, typically ranging between 14% and 23%.

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Virtual print room

Too many businesses nowadays have over-invested in their internal printing infrastructure, which rarely operates to its capacity, takes up valuable footprint and often involves expensive hands engaged in non-core activities.

For those that outsource print production, few will be in-touch with the most appropriate and cost effective production technology to meet their range of requirements and consequently many will at some point have been guilty of compromising the corporate brand or paying over the odds.

Utopia for most businesses would be a dedicated print room, equipped with the very best in lithographic and digital printing equipment, complimented by a complete portfolio of finishing technologies and expert machine operators. In reality, the costs of such an investment make this an unrealistic option.

With this in mind, Hieroglyphics has created the revolutionary Virtual Print Room, creating a perfect balance between your in-house printing capabilities and Hieroglyphics’ extensive print facility.

Tailored specifically to your pre-defined criterion, such as: run length, production time, finishing requirements and cost, basic print can be handled in-house at a moderate expense, whilst non-core, labour intensive or high impact production will be directed to our specialist print room, albeit hosted for you off-site at Hieroglyphics’ expense.

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