Virtual print room

A single source with multiple solutions

Too many businesses nowadays have over-invested in their internal printing infrastructure, which rarely operates to its capacity, takes up valuable footprint and often involves expensive hands engaged in non-core activities. For those that outsource print production, few will be in-touch with the most appropriate and cost effective production technology to meet their range of requirements and consequently many will at some point have been guilty of compromising the corporate brand or paying over the odds.

Utopia for most businesses would be a dedicated print room, equipped with the very best in lithographic and digital printing equipment, complimented by a complete portfolio of finishing technologies and expert machine operators. In reality, the costs of such an investment make this an unrealistic option. With this in mind, Hieroglyphics has created the revolutionary Virtual Print Room, creating a perfect balance between your in-house printing capabilities and Hieroglyphics’ extensive print facility.

Tailored specifically to your pre-defined criteria, such as: run length, production time, finishing requirements and cost, basic print can be handled in-house at a moderate expense, whilst non-core, labour intensive or high impact production will be directed to our specialist print room, albeit hosted for you off-site at Hieroglyphics’ expense.

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