Within a survey of 16,000 European businesses, none knew their document production costs

In an area of business where 5% to 15% of annual revenues are typically spent, most companies are unaware of their inefficiency and potential to make significant savings. With in-house production and document workflow costs often too fragmented to be quantified and with external print procurement requiring a high level of expertise, it’s almost impossible to know where to begin, until now …

Hieroglyphics has teamed up with the world’s leading document strategists, to create a blend of consultancy and auditing services guaranteed to increase productivity, cost efficiency and accountability in this critical area of business. Our Audit Reports will reveal, for the first time, your organisations true exposure to document costs – by department, by user, by day, by week, per page, per document, by technology type and in total.

Moreover, we will highlight your potential efficiency gains, map optimum asset utilisation to your floor plans, advise of future “Best Practice” and suggest alternative technologies or outsourced solutions where appropriate. Ultimately, our reports are guaranteed to highlight significant cost saving opportunities, typically ranging between 14% and 23%.

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